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BRACE (Asian American Community Empowerment) was founded by seven Chinese American organizations. Its mission is to promote the unity of the community; to advance the civic voice of Asian diaspora; and to fight for equal rights and treatment for Asian Americans. BRACE’s board members include: community leaders, association presidents, and various business and trade corporations. Currently, BRACE has more than 70 member-organizations, with a total membership of nearly 10,000.

BRACE, through facilitation and coordination, seeks to identify issues of common concern in the community, solicit input from members, propose solutions, provide leadership and resources, seek opportunities and work with likeminded organizations to enhance the quality of life of Asian Americans. BRACE embraces three major programs: encourage Asian Americans to run for political offices; defend the rights of Asian Americans; serve the community in collaboration with other organizations; and promote Sino-US friendship relations.

美國亞裔社團聯合總會由七個僑團組織創辦。其使命是 (促進) 提倡社區的團結;提升亞裔美國人的聲音; 將作為一個溝通的橋樑渠道;代表亞裔向政府反映僑民的需求; 替亞裔僑民爭取平等的權利與待遇。董事會成員包括:社區領袖,僑團主席,協會會長,各界工商貿易機構。目前已有超過七十個組織加盟總會,擁有近萬成員。

亞總會在社會問題上,會通過對話和協調,從成員中徵求意見找到共通點,運用其領導能力和社區資源,提出多種解決方案,或與其他社區機構合作,來高提亞裔在美的生活品質。目前,亞總會注重三個主要項目:  推出亞裔參政:維護亞裔權益;服務社區引導僑團;及促進中美友好關係.