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John S. Chan

Honorary General Counsel

榮譽總顧問: 劉滿

Moon Lay

Honorary President

榮譽會長: 梁鴻生

Sam Leung


榮譽會長: 林建新

Jason Lam


榮譽會長: 王書強

Jerry Wang

Executive President

常務會長: 梅增新

Sunny Mui


常務會長: 潘力民

Jack Poon


常務會長: 陳世品

Daniel Chen


常務會長: 姜書棟

John S.D. Jiang

Executive President

常務會長: 江典林

Dian Lin Jian


常務會長: 陳在福

Choi Fuk Chan


常務會長: 雷怡

Lily Lei


常務會長: 高家順

Michael Gao

About the Organization

BRACE (Asian American Community Empowerment) was founded by seven Chinese American organizations. Its mission is to promote the unity of the community; to advance the civic voice of Asian diaspora; and to fight for equal rights and treatment for Asian Americans. BRACE’s board members include: community leaders, association presidents, and various business and trade corporations. Currently, BRACE has more than 70 member-organizations, with a total membership of nearly 10,000.